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HighRise IT Management and Advisory board team members have leading IT industry skills and deep experience in providing various IT solutions. Our executive team has collectively around 50+ years of IT industry experience in various directions of expertise ranging from Custom Business ERP Solutions (Toll Roads Automation), Telecomm and Networks Technology Solutions, IT Consulting Solutions, IT Staffing solutions, Business Analysis and Process Improvement Solutions, Custom Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions and Quality Assurance Strategies for big companies.

HighRise IT Business Development team is spread across USA to cover the vast geographical area of clients. All BDM are strong voiced and committed to provide best possible IT solution to client in terms of quality, budget, efficiency and commitment and continue to grow mutually.

HighRise IT Recruiting Staff are well trained in various wide spread technologies ranging from commonly used skills to rarely used skills in searching at blazing speed to get a competitive individual for IT job in this fast paced industry where Client needs get changed so fast with the business needs.

Our reputation of providing quality candidates continuously to our existing clients and there exceptional feedback about asking us to continue the momentum makes us to hunt for to make our job more better and best at it and making it to be more repeatable

HighRise IT Company like any other established company has all the ingredients in its corporate system to serve clients and employees at excellence level. Most of them are listed below.

  • Advisory Team helping Business direction and opportunities to grab from.
  • Management Team helping to build strong corporate culture and delivering commitment.
  • Marketing Team helping to build new client relations and maintain existing relationships.
  • Recruiting Team helping to deliver any work force that is needed for the client.
  • Technical Team helping to use technology to increase efficiency and quality of doing things.
  • Carry Workman Compensation Business Insurance.
  • Carry Business General Liability Insurance.
  • Carry Business Automobile Liability Insurance.
  • Carry Umbrella Business Liability Insurance.
  • Carry Professional liability Insurance.
  • E-verify compliance to follow strict guidelines from DHS and USCIS.
  • MBE Certified Company through NCTRCA.
  • Business to Business contracts and work orders.
  • Business to Clients contracts and work orders.
  • Legal Team support for right advises at right time.
  • Professional accounting checking and corrections by CPA team.
  • Payroll Automation done by using industry leading company.
  • Employee Benefits for full time employees (401K, Health Ins., Life Ins., Disability Ins.).
  • No Benefits flexibility for hourly employees (Hourly on W-2 or 1099 or C2C).
  • Accounting up keeping of the books using industry leading software.
  • Online and offline tools to increase Company productivity and efficiency.
  • Access to various Job Portal sites to search for talent.
  • Affiliation and membership with Staffing Association and with various IT groups.
  • Backup of Corporate critical data in multiple locations.
  • Administration responsibilities.
  • Document tracking of daily work process routines, roles, reports and job responsibilities.

HighRise IT fundamentals and the staff principles are listed below and they are just a few only.

  • Go after the talent that is needed for the job to get work done at the client site.
  • Measure the consultant has right balance of talent to suit for the job and have good communication skills to express his/her own ideas.
  • Treat consultant with respect for the knowledge and experience he has or earned and pay decent value so that he wins and opens his creative knowledge to led clients to win in their goals and in the process they make us to win.
  • Create corporate structure and provide flexible administration as a bridge that to be used to getting more talent connected to client than rejecting the talent away from client.
  • Encourage consultants to get certified in their principle line of work and constantly show the path of new knowledge areas that need to work in the area.
  • Make sure that client get focus much on his core business area and while we are working on IT support with high degree of professionalism.
  • Provide a cost-effective, time effective, state-of-art and workable solutions to client for winning client interests rather than personal interests.
  • Believe in team work and work hand to hands with clients for reaching the end milestone in reasonable time frame.
  • Share the knowledge and experiences with others so learned knowledge will help to avoid of arising those problems again.
  • We do expect and work to get client win for the revenue it put in, get vendor company win for providing relationship and bringing the industry resources together, get consultant win to get client job done and bring professional satisfaction to himself.

We are committed to deliver.


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